This is a vehicle we unfortunately had the privilege to work on. Chip Foose and his team had been creating this car for 6 years.

Two weeks before delivery day Chip called Jeff at the shop. He said “I've seen what you can do with PDR on the OVERHAULIN cars and would like you to come down and look at the IMPRESIONS hood”. After painting the hood and letting it breathe and dry out in the sun. The paint tightened up and pulled the center of the aluminum hood down with it. Creating huge low spot in the middle. Everything was done to try and fix it without repainting it. Using the PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL process, Jeff ended up spending 4 hours a day for three days shaping the hood back into position. No painting was necessary. Jeff said “I've never been so nervous in my life pushing a dent out, especially with the best hot rod builders standing over my shoulder.”

To check out this amazing car even more go to: design/Foose design main.htm


Here are some pictures of the cars we have worked on.

Even on the show OVERHAULIN the cars get dented. Either before or after they get painted, it happens. Paintless Dent Removal works and that why they use it.

We have been very fortunate to work with Overhaulin. It's fun and a real learning experience. Also has really help Beach Cities Paintless Dent Removal to grow its name. We actually had a Chevy S10 ripped off out of our shop for the NAPA episode. Most importantly we believe its has helped our industry to grow. The fact that Paintless Dent Removal is being used on the show shows that it works and an important part of restoring, repairing or maintaining your cars appearance.

True car fanatics really like it because the fact is its keeps the car original, no body fillers, no repainting, quick repair time, some of the same reasons why OVERHAULIN uses us.

Here are some pictures of vehicles we have helped on season 2 and for more info on the NAPA show go to:


Chip Foose Interview


Hard-working Nicole saved up for years to buy a beat-up '70 Camaro. Chip and his team make the car match her spirit and spunk.

College Girls Camaro

Barry thinks his son lost his '70 Mustang gambling. But Foose and the gang hit the jackpot in this masterful overhaul at the SEMA convention.

SEMA Gambler

NASA Satellite

There is no paint on it but its still Paintless Dent Removal. This is a SATALITE that was built in 1966. 1 of 8 a customer of mine bought at a NASA "garage sale" so-to-speak. Upon delivery the top portion of it was being pushed in. Wrinkled the top of it from side too side. The aluminum on this wasn't much thicker than coke can.

Long story short the Satellite can be separated in half, that is how access was gained to Remove the dents. We spent 12 hours total on this. After completion the customer was able to get every Astronaut who has been to space or walked on the moon to autograph it. 4 of the 8 other satellites are crashed on the moon. They were used to take the first digital pictures of the moon in 1966-67. It's supposed to worth about half mil? Here is a link to check it out.


G5 Gulfstream

Here it is. A G5 Gulfstream. The dent is located on the right side of the fuel cell lodge just in front of the right side engine. The dent is about 3.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. The Dent is located behind a recycling tank. I had them remove the tank for access. The Dent is also next to a structural rib that incases the plain. (The dent has the circle around it.) The dent was taped off and the paint was removed.
Using a video camera with a light stand, I captured the reflection of the dent through a monitor I used on the inside of the plane. They had to make sure the metal was flat at completion so they removed the paint to receive a truer read on the metal flatness. I had to treat this as if it were a high spot.

The job took 3.5 hours. After completion a metallurgist measured the depth of the dent at .020 and approved it. The traditional repair would have coasted about 175,000.00 and down time of a month or more..